Big Island Revealed by Andrew Doughty    Great guidebook for those new to the Big Island and some places for the more experienced visitor!

Water Proof Iphone 6+ case     I just dropped by Iphone5S in the Waiopae Tide Pools – after having it for 2 years with no problem and a flimsy cutesy case on it. Now I am going hard core since my replacement is the more expensive 6+! and this case is one of the best I have found!

Sunscreen – I wasnt good at using it when I was younger but my family uses this one and they look great so I am converting!

And Beyond 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing  Marie Kondo has some great hints and tips here! We used them to go from 2200 SF to 1100 SF and will use them in our goal of Full time Roadtripping. Eventually only having 200 SF will be a challenge to have downsized, minimized and have every in its place!