Our goal on the road is to live just below our monthly income and not touch any capital. I have been researching all the frugal tips I can find. We do not want to miss any fun so cutting back where we can and having a little to spend on extravagances is my goal!

My first stop is the BeFrugal page. Lots of coupons, lots of tips, and cash back goes to our paypal account instead of having to deal with a check being mailed since we’ll be on the road. This is good for all the regular items you purchase every day.  I am trying to find a mobile app for all the coupons you would typically have hard copies of, but cant seem to find anything really functional at this point for an Iphone5s.

Another tip: we are buying giftcards for gas (and other retailers) at Safeway. Since we know our trip is going to be high on fuel usage, buying gas cards now will help later! Plus we get gas points x 4 for every gift card we purchase making our gas purchases now in Hawaii even lower per gal!

We also are looking at spending time in our favorite places as camp hosts . We also, having previously been hosts, are looking at work exchange possibilities.

I am also signing up for as many cash back / coupon store cards as I can find.

Yes this will all take some juggling but to be able to go out for a classic dinner somewhere makes it all worthwhile!

We do not credit card juggle as we have seen people go astray and all the miles points in the world do not help that !