In the last few months as I see more and more of my friends getting ready for the next chapter in their lives, the issue is downsizing.

Our experience is that we went from 2300 SF plus a deck and garage, to 1200 SF as the interium move. We will eventually be at somewhere around 240 SF in a motorhome or trailer.

Since we made one transition and purged the extra, extra stuff our method was x pronged. Set up tables in the back carport for garage sale, and just started through (and i had helpers) on things that went straight to garage sale. Also as I did this, if some one wanted something that was helping me, I sent it straight home with them! We had 3 weekends of garage sales in a row.

as the move got closer, and we were packing boxes to go to new house, more and more things were discarded necessitating a throw away, recycle, and give away pile! (I was done with garage sales by then!

So now we are in the 1200 SF house looking at the possibility of a sale looming in the next few months. This will mean relocating at least 2500 miles, and then traveling in 240SF at most. No room for much at all! Plus anything we take with us, we’ll have to ship to our first stop, or carry with us.

So I am back to re-reading The Life changing Magic of Tidying Up  Marie Kondo.

I am looking through each category she suggests and pairing down to what will fight in 4 suitcases and I am limiting myself to shipping only 4 boxes. Why a limit? Well we get 2 + 2 suitcases free, and on the boxes I would ship more but gave myself a maximum.

I also made a list of what items we will need in our new quarters, and matching my “stuff” to my list and then asking is it worth it to carry or ship or can I buy it new or at a garage sale over there? (Remember we are going 2500 miles across the ocean!)

So back to decluttering as some of my friends are not moving until next year. I started my kitchen utensils. Went through the drawer, discarded the six different measuring scoops. Kept the one that I will take with me too. Packed up silver ware (6 of each ) and left the rest to use until we move.

So basically I started a “to take with me pile” first.

There is a secondary “recycling” group.

And third is haul off as trash pile.

One drawer, albiet good sized, took about an hr. And it was all one category!

1 down, about 20 more to go!