As we wait for our house to sell and doing a LOT of research on Fulltime’ing on the road in an RV, it is a little bittersweet.

Looking at my Hawaii friends postings, knowing that although for 28 years, I have looked forward to things here, I am beginning to “close up shop”.

Talked to my friend Carrie for a long time this AM. They made they move in Feb 2015. But their physical move started way back in Sept 2014 when the lava was projected to cover Hwy 130 close to Pahoa. They moved from a tiny house on Red Road to a house near Keaau knowing that it would be for only a short time as their goal was to be on the road for awhile.

Carey and Tony got rid of so many things in the first move to escape the lava flow. On the second and long distance move, they had to eliminate all but a few boxes. This is where we are now. In limbo waiting for house sale. But since we sold other house 4+ months ago, we have already gone through a ton of things and sold/recycled/given away. We are down to boxes of paperwork and sentimental items.

Since we dont know where we are going to start trip at yet, we dont know where to send the boxes! Going to get them all ready and address them on our way to Post Office probably!

What do you take? I am making only one box of sentimental items. Thats it. an condensing down all paperwork items. Making one small packet with must haves – Birth certs, that kind of thing.

But back to the looking back part, I realize I am separating from my life here already. Not doing as many dinners or parties. Not engaging with my life here as much. I find myself feeling like the kid going off to college. Getting mad at their parents trying to make the separation easier. So working on trying to be patient and enjoy what is here now but not really looking to make new friends here now. I also have to try to not think of all the things that in a day to day life here get me frustrated. I am finding that it is easier to push away the neighborhood gossips since I dont really have interest in staying up on what the drama in our neighborhood is. I used to it more so as the things the association did affected us. Now it is going to be some one else’s problem.

Other than doing what needs to be done for the house to sell, I am putting away the redecorating part of myself for awhile. (Although it is popping out in searching RV decorating! I feel I can tell the vintage of the older MH’s just by the color of the interior!! ha ha)

Okay thats it for now.