July 28, 2015

As we begin to prepare to leave the Big Island of Hawaii, we are researching our trip! So excited to be starting this adventure and yet sad to be leaving 30 years behind.

So far, we have listed Lani Kuhonua (where heaven meets the earth) aka the Pond House for sale. Starting to go through items / closets, etc getting ready to discard so much! and yet what do we want to take with us?

This trip has been coming for almost 9 years. The time was never exactly right to leave. Parents, then houses, then Robert’s surgeries, storm, lava flow….. you get the picture!

We have been asked so many times – how could you leave? So here are the pros and cons  (in no particular order):

  • Orchids every where. The Orchid show in August too.
  • Ocean at our door step almost. (and this would go in the cons when there is a big storm)
  • Lau lau’s – in fact got chased through KTA party lot by the lau lau guy when he saw my car! 4 laulau’s for $10 – yum!!
  • Warm winters (but will not miss the too warm summers like this years!)
  • Gov official that treats me like a close friend! Gave me a hug and kiss today and hadnt seen her since the storm period. Wont miss neighbors who jockey for “position”.

There are many more things and will post as I think of them!